Crazy for Amigurumi

Crazy for Amigurumi

Lately, I have been focusing on designing more crochet patterns rather than just searching for someone else's. I have my handy-dandy purple notebook that I carry around with me everywhere my crochet bag goes. You never know when or where inspiration will come so I want to be ready when it does! Take, for instance, just a few weeks ago I had taken the girls to the park - before another onslaught of thunderstorms took our sunshine away again. I brought two of my little baby amigurumi turtles (see end of post for links) to work on for the Celebrate the Harvest Craft Show the first weekend in September. The children at the park kept throwing glances my way to see what little thing I was working on. Some actually gathered up enough courage to ask what it was I was doing (a warm smile really seemed to help, too).

The first boy asked me what I was working on so I told him it was one of my turtles. I had two with me so I offered to let him hold it if he wanted. Smiling, he looked into the cute little eyes and turned it over in his hands for a bit before gently laying it back on the bench. He then started this long conversation about some video game characters that he likes and wondered if I would be able to make them. At this point, his parents came in to make sure they weren't 'bothering the nice lady'. I introduced myself and asked if they could enlighten me to what their boy was referring to (since I live in a cave). We laughed about the boy's energy and enthusiasm with these characters and they walked away with my business card.

Not much later, I noticed a young girl around the age of ten peering around the slide and watching curiously as I crocheted the little Anime Eyes from (truly, this free pattern will really 'up' the cute-ittude of your toys by, like, a thousand!). She stood there, glancing around and peeking at me for what seemed like ten minutes before she finally said, in a small voice, "I like your turtles!"

I smiled back and replied, 'thank you'. Clearly she was nervous so I asked if she knew how to crochet and she quickly replied, "no". Now that she was talking to me, her little brother, E.J., quickly had to join in the conversation! He was really sweet and wanted to help me sew the eyes on, which I politely declined. His big sister was on watch and very helpful. E.J. kept watching until I was done and I asked if he wanted to hold the finished turtle. His eyes lit up as he reached out and tenderly held my little amigurumi turtle up in admiration before asking if I could make him a penguin.

We walked over to where his mother and grandmother were sitting and conversed a while. They were a nice family visiting from out of town and E.J. was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get a penguin to him so I explained to his mom that I have an Etsy shop and gave her my business card. Before we left, I asked E.J. what colors he would like his penguin to be and he told me, "Teal body, pink feet and flippers and a purple beak."

A couple of days later, I had completed my first penguin. Then, a few days after that, I had my pattern down. Now, I am happy to present to you, E.J.'s penguin.

Remember, always be the best YOU that you can be!

Hugs to all!

(click here to buy the pattern or here to buy a turtle)

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