Over a Decade of Experience

When I was a child, I watched my grandmother make potholders, hats and purses with crochet thread. I finally asked her to teach me around age twelve and she did. (I still have the "E" hook she gave me when she taught me!) I enjoyed it but it wasn't yet my time.

Fast forward to being pregnant with our second child. Months into pregnancy, the urge to crochet a baby blanket was super strong so I picked up my trusty E hook, bought some pretty yarn and go to work and I never stopped!

Now, I am designing my own projects and enjoy learning new stitches. The more texture, the better!

Katie is a Perfectionist

There's no better way of putting it. If I see a mistake, I frog it all the way back. Doesn't matter if no one else can see it, I KNOW it's there and that drives me bonkers. Every piece I create has to be "just right" or it's not good enough.


Meet the Maker

For over a decade now, crochet has been my passion. Besides my husband and children, it's the thing that brings me the most joy and helps heal me mentally. By being the best ME I can be every day, I hope to invoke inspiration in others with my love of the craft.


Katie Roberson

Creator / Designer

Katie is a crochet artist with over a decade of experience. Her biggest supporter is definitely her husband and children. Creativity is just a part of our lifestyle and home.

Want to see my work?

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