Finding My Crochet Niche?

Recently, I signed up for the Handmade Business Summit hosted by Brittany Lynch of Simply Collectible Crochet. She was able to get many professional crochet and knit artists together for a plethora of information pertaining to running a successful business out of the thing I enjoy: Crochet.

One comment came up multiple times during the summit: find your niche. The Internet defines “niche” as a smaller, more focused part of a product or market. Okay, I’m totally about crochet and have been doing this for over a decade. Easy enough, right? Listening further, I was told this person uses a particular type of yarn in her creations while another said they focus on home décor. This makes things a little more difficult. I like to do all the projects. Crochet is my passion and it brings me great joy. How can I be expected to pick just one thing that’s me? That would be like asking me to pick my favorite arm and only work with it. The other arm would deteriorate and becomes useless. But, alas, I digress.

A crochet niche. Patterns. Stitches. Style. Like many crafters out there, it’s so difficult to choose just one kind of project so we choose all the projects. As we scroll through various social media sites our eyes are drawn to the many colors, styles and textures of innumerable crochet patterns. It’s a beautiful endless pit of gorgeous stitchery that I want to hoard for that “one day” when I have time to make it so I add it to “The List”.

Bearing this in mind, how does one go about picking a small niche from such a giant of a market? I genuinely ask this question because I am baffled. Perhaps the key to be able to do all the crochet things is first to admit that I am a Fiber Artist, not just a crafter or crocheter. My husband put it perfectly: I love to create elaborate crochet things for people to fawn over. That makes me more of an artist than a crafter.

Perhaps being ME is my niche. I am someone who enjoys a number of activities and my moods depend on how often I eat or the state of my house. I don’t really fit in a box and that’s my favorite thing about me. Why should my crochet niche be expected to?

What are your thoughts? Seriously, please leave a comment, and be nice.

Remember, always be the best YOU that you can be.

Love and hugs!

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